Bridging kids, teens and their parents
with academic, behaviour and psychological supports

Do you know a child struggling with:

  • learning?
  • achievement?
  • attention/concentration?
  • behaviour?
  • socializing/fitting in?
  • emotional well-being?

Success in learning, friendship and fitting in means EVERYTHING to a kid.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are at 12820 St. Albert Trail, on the main floor of the UMC Professional Building.

Our office is at the northeast corner, with its own entrance.

There is plenty of free parking in the parking lot, just steps away from our front door. Signs are marked with “UMC Building Parking”

You will need a referral letter faxed to the Connect Clinic from a physician. Our fax number is (855) 949-3709.

The first appointment is about 45 min, and follow-ups are 15-30 minutes.

Kids and teens, ages 3-17, who are struggling with learning, behaviour or mental health issues.

Typical patients include those with ADHD, Anxiety, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Depression and Learning Disorders.

No. Dr. D only consults (meets and advises) on learning, behaviour and mental health challenges. She will work closely with your child to establish school, community and behaviour supports, but your child will need their usual family doctor and/or pediatrician for ongoing medical care.

Absolutely! Sometimes medication is NOT the answer.

Dr. DeBruyne can help a child and family find non-medical resources for their concerns.

    – If you are 15 minutes late for your appointment you will have to reschedule.
    – If you no show you will require a re-referral from your doctor.


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